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Documents, Programmes and Newsletters Documents, Programmes and Newsletters

After a recent consultation encouraging members to provide their email to Ramblers Head Office, no one requested paper copies of the programme and newsletters. So in future these documents will be provided electronically. Of course members are welcome to make printed copies for their own use or for friends.

YYYY-MM-DD date format (ISO 8601).


In Case of Emergency Card
Guide for the Walks Manager

2024-07-01 July Newsletter

2024-03-01 March Newsletter

2023-11-01 Programme November to February
2023-11-01 November Newsletter

2023-07-01 Programme July to October
2023-07-01 July Newsletter

2023-03-01 Programme March to June
2023-03-01 March Newsletter


2022-11-01 Programme November to February
2022-11-01 November Newsletter

2022-07-01 Programme July to October
2022-07-01 July Newsletter

2022-03-01 Programme March to June
2022-03-01 March Newsletter

2021-11-01 Programme November to February
2021-11-01 November Newsletter

2021-07-01 Programme July to October
2021-07-01 July Newsletter

2021-03-01 Programme March to June
2021-03-01 March Newsletter

2020-11-01 Programme November to February
2020-11-01 November Newsletter

2020-07-01 Programme July to October
2020-07-01 July Newsletter

2020-04-18 Tea Party

2020-03-01 Programme March to June
2020-03-01 March Newsletter

2019-11-01 Programme November to February
2019-11-01 November Newsletter

2019-10-12 Area Footpath Maintenance Action Plan

2019-07-01 Programme July to October
2019-07-01 July Newsletter

2019-05-18 Tea Party

2019-03-01 Programme March to June
2019-03-01 March Newsletter

2018-11-01 Programme November to February
2018-11-01 November Newsletter

2018-07-01 Programme July to October
2018-07-01 July Newsletter

2018-03-01 March Newsletter

2017-11-01 November Newsletter

2017-06-22 July Newsletter

2017-03-01 March Newsletter     Visit Facebook

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