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Find Walks Matching Your Level of Fitness

Waveney Ramblers leads walks at a moderate and brisk pace.

Moderate: 2.5 to 3 mph depending on the terrain.
Brisk:    3 mph and sometimes quicker on easy terrain.

If we get volunteers, we'd like to lead slower and perhaps even faster walks.

Wednesdays and Shorter Walks

A typical walk is five miles and it takes about two hours. That's a moderate pace at 2.5 mph overall average and about 2.8 mph while on the move. The group stops for a brief snack about half way round the walk.

Please check the programme for the pace and details of each walk.

Covid permitting, some of the Wednesday walkers have a pub lunch after the walk.

Sundays and Longer Walks

A typical walk is ten miles. Our moving average pace is a brisk 3 mph, sometimes a bit more on easy terrain. The walk is completed in around four hours. We have a picnic lunch, rushed if it's cold and wet, more leisurely in fine summer weather.

Please check the programme for the pace and details of each walk.

Leisurely and Speedy Volunteers Needed

Whatever pace we set, there may be people who would like to go slower or faster. We'd love to increase our range and variety of walks but we rely on volunteers. If you are speedy or leisurely, please consider leading a walk.

Walking Guides

If you'd like to lead a walk, we have twelve "Rural Rambles" PDF booklets describing walks in our region. Following one of these routes should be easier than planning one from scratch. There are hundreds of recorded routes on the website covering almost every right of way in our region.

Rural Rambles Booklets

New Walk Leader Mentoring

If you'd like to get up to speed leading walks, try chatting to any walk leader about how they plan and lead their walks. And perhaps pair up with a regular walk leader for your first walk or two.


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