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The Ramblers is a registered charity (England & Wales no. 1093577, Scotland no. SC039799) and a company limited by guarantee, registered in England & Wales (no. 4458492). Registered office: The Ramblers, 1 Clink Street, 3rd Floor, London, SE1 9DG.

Waveney Ramblers helps local people enjoy walking and protecting the countryside.

The Waveney group organises walks, special events, and fund raisers. Most of our walks are near the river Waveney. We often head south and east towards the coast.

Coronavirus: We are following national and Ramblers guidance to stay safe.

Our programme is intended for Ramblers members from any local group. Non-member guests are also welcome to come along for up to three "taster walks" before needing to join. This rule is related to our insurance. We have occasionally welcomed guests from overseas.

We always welcome new volunteer leaders to keep our programme filled. First aid training is available free-of-charge and can be booked with Ramblers GB. It's not necessary to be first aid trained to lead walks but it's a useful life skill and worth getting trained. We aim to offer two or more walks per week and we need enthusiastic volunteers lead the walks.

We have a "No Dogs" policy but registered assistance dogs are always welcome.
Many of our walks can be difficult for dogs. There may be stiles, gates, cattle or slippery board-walks.
Please contact the walk leader beforehand to check for potential difficulties and possible route adaptations.
We'd be happy for dog enthusiasts to plan and lead dog-friendly walks. Please contact our walks programme manager.

Our walks are listed on the this site and also on the national Ramblers website.

Wednesdays: Walks typically 4 to 6 miles and sometimes there's a second longer option. Often we go for a pub lunch afterwards.
Thursdays: Themed walks. These typically follow routes like the Sandlings path or Angles way.
Sundays: Walks typically 8 to 12 miles. Walkers bring a picnic lunch. Sometimes there is a shorter afternoon walk.

One off walks on other days, for example to celebrate Christmas, New Year or just because we like walking.
Early and late walks visiting dawn and sunset.
Fundraiser walks ...

Volunteers are always needed. We'd be pleased to expand our programme. We'd like to add shorter, slower walks and perhaps dog friendly walks.

Linear walks: We use public transport to get to the start.

Coach walks: Short, medium and long walks with a coach to the start point/s.

Walking Programmes "Out-of-Area"
We have organised group holidays in Derbyshire, Oxfordshire, Wiltshire and more with North Norfolk planned for 2023.

New Ideas are Welcome - but walk leaders need to volunteer

OWLS. Shorter slower paced walks for "oldies with less speed" or for anyone regaining fitness after an accident, illness or just laziness.

Fast Walks. The aim is to get aerobic exercise at a brisk pace close to 4 mph.

If you have a new idea, why not plan a walk and promote it in our programme? It might just catch on.

We had "Pramblers" for babies and toddlers. Very successful until the youngsters grew out of it.

Waveney ramblers is a part of the national Ramblers' organisation.

To join please visit the Ramblers Website. Members select a local group but can walk with any of the UK Ramblers' groups.

We aim to avoid sending out printed material. This saves the environment, time and money. It's useful if you check your data held by ramblers is correct and you have given permission to be contacted by email.

If you change your address or email, please inform The Ramblers, at 020 3961 3232 or email     Visit Facebook

Please mail Neil for website updates.

Waveney Ramblers is a part of The Ramblers' Association.

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