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Walberswick - 8.5 Miles

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Date: Thursday 12th February, 2015

Time: 10:00

Meet at: Dunwich, Five Ways, B1125, IP19 9NF

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OS Map: X 231

Picnic: Bring your own picnic lunch

Details: circular

Terrain: rural

Dogs: Registered assistance dogs only. More

Guide Book: Sandlings Walks

Walk Number: 12

Updated: 2018

Guide Book Text

Park at the Fiveways junction car park. Head roughly east from the car park.

After 100 metres, the track forks. Stay on the main track (Lodge Road), NE and later east, for 2.22 miles.
The track heads uphill and changes from sand, gravel and mud to tarmac.
Pass a tower (Rapunzel let down your kni<<Eventually the uphill and level route dips downhill.
At the 2.22 mile mark, near the botton of the dip, head left through a gate.
Almost double back and head west towards a woodland belt. The path gradually veers away from the road.
At the trees, turn right, north, trees left. Head through a gap. Continue north, trees left.
At the end of the north path, turn right, NE. Head under power lines and through a gate.
Head NE across the field, no hedges.
At the road, turn right, east, along the tarmac for under 100 metres.
Turn left, NE, through a gate and head across the common land.
At a gate, on the left, note the concrete remains of a dismantled railway bridge.
Go through the gate and continue NE on the middle of three paths following the Sandlings waymark.
The path emerges onto tarmac. Turn left and follow the lane which bends right, NE.
Head to the river. The Sandlings path crosses using the footbridge.
November 2018: The bridge across the river Blyth was closed for repairs but has now re-opened.

This circular walk does not cross the river. Turn right, south, and follow the river path, river left.
The path bends left, SE. Follow the path to the ferry.
The ferry runs 10 till 5 at weekends in the winter and every day in the summer. In bad weather it might not run.
Head south, then SW into Walberswick. Pass the Bell Inn, left. Pass the Parish Lantern and cafe, right.
There are toilets near the thatched shelter and seats where the road bends right, west.

Follow the road west and just before the Anchor, turn left, south, on the footpath passing allotments left.
Head up and down steps crossing the flood wall. Follow the path, right, SW, paddock left.
The path kinks right and left to a t-junction. Turn left, south, downhill.
There are excellent views over the marshes and towards Sizewell.
At the botton of the slope, turn right, west, for a few paces then left, roughly south, soon joining a board-walk.
Turn right, roughly west, waterway left. Cross a small footbridge and continue west. Don't cross the larger bridge.
Ignore a board-walk, right, and continue, SW. Head towards the disused wind pump, waterway left.
Near the wind pump, head up onto the flood wall and turn left, south and soon SW, on gravel.
Turn first right, SW, leaving the good gravel path. Continue on a grassy and sometimes muddy path.
Head up onto a flood wall, left, then right, down the other side. Ignore the large gates. Head SW through bushes.
The path meanders through the reed beds, bending left and right but always returns roughly west.
There are some wet and muddy patches.
Later the path enters unusual wet woodland and there are board-walks. This stretch is less muddy.
At the end of the woodland, the path emerges to re-join Lodge Road.

Head west back to the car park.

Photo Gallery

Walberswick is included in the Sandlings_Walks walking guide book.

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Thursday, February 12th, 2015     Map     Enlarge

Thursday, February 12<sup>th</sup>, 2015,  Map