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Butley - 10.5 Miles

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Date: Friday 6th February, 2015

Time: 10:00

Meet at: Rendlesham Forest, Pay and Display, South off B1084 to "Rendlesham Forest Centre", IP12 3NF

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OS Map: X 212

Picnic: Bring your own picnic lunch

Details: circular

Terrain: rural

Dogs: Registered assistance dogs only. More

Guide Book: Sandlings Walks

Walk Number: 6

Updated: 2020-09-03

Guide Book Text

Park at Rendlesham Forest, Butley Corner car park.
Head roughly south from the picnic area and cross the B1084.
Continue south until a crossroads in the paths.
Turn right, NW, on a footpath.
The track bends left and right and continues NW.
At a y-junction bear right, NW, and head towards the road. Cross the tarmac and head north. Ignore side paths.
Cross a side track and continue NE and later north again.
After a gate, turn right, roughly east and follow the power lines.
At the end of the disused air base perimeter fence, continue east with a right left kink crossing the side track.
Follow the power lines.
Turn left north, a double row of trees left.
Turn right, SE, on tarmac.
Turn left, north, across two open fields. Aim for the gaps in the pines. Continue north.
The track bends left and right and continues north, pond right, water towers left.
Cross a track. Head north with the Bentwaters Park perimeter fence left. A church is ahead.
The track bends right, SE.
Turn right, south, on tarmac.
Turn second left, SE, hedge right.
Ignore a right turn. Continue SE. Brambles right.
The Sandlings Walk goes off to the left. Continue SE along a tree-lined path no longer on the Sandlings route.
The track bends right, south and comes out at the Chillesford Village Sign. There is a park bench for a break.
Turn right and left along Mill Lane, SW, and soon south. For better views, walk on top of the flood wall.
At the mill, drop down to the road again.
Bear left, SW, off Mill Lane, towards Low Farm.
Bear right, SW, along another sandy track. The junction is in a shallow dip in the terrain.
At the tarmac, kink left and right and continue SW.
The track bends left, south, and joins tarmac. Turn right, NW.
Turn first left, SW, into woodland. This footpath is easily missed.
Ignore side turnings and continue SW.
Turn right, west, along the UFO and FIDO cycle trail.
Continue ahead, west, when the FIDO trail heads off left.
Join the Sandlings Walk when it merges from the left. Continue west.
Follow the Sandlings Walk when it heads right, north.
At road number 7, turn left, NW.
Head NW, crossing the access road, passing two gates. This is road 4 and a Sled Dog training area.
When the main track bears left, turn right, roughly north.
Cross the B1084 and return to the car park.

Photo Gallery

Butley is included in the Sandlings Walks walking guide book.

Walking Guide Book Cover Image

Friday, February 06th, 2015     Map     Enlarge

Friday, February 06<sup>th</sup>, 2015,  Map