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Saint James and Wissett - 8.8 Miles

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Date: Sunday 11th January, 2015

Time: 10:30

Meet at: Wissett, St. Andrews Church, Lodge Lane, IP19 0JG

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OS Map: X 231

Picnic: Bring your own picnic lunch

Details: circular

Terrain: rural

Dogs: Registered assistance dogs only. More

Guide Book: Waveney Way

Walk Number: 11

Updated: 2018

Guide Book Text

Park in the village car park, Lodge lane, Wissett, opposite St. Andrew's Church.
Head north out of the car park and left along The Street and almost immediately right, north, up Gray's Lane.
Cross under power lines and turn left, NW, along the bridleway.
Continue NW past holiday chalets and stables.
Emerge from the footpath and continue NW, hedge both sides on a track, wide enough for farm vehicles.
At tarmac, turn right, north.
At The Street, turn left, west. Now select God or Mammon (or Mammoth according to the African preacher).
VIA CHUCH: Where the pavement starts, turn left, north.
Head to the church across a field and through a woodland belt.
Cross a footbridge, north. At the church, turn left, west.
Back on the road, turn right, north. Cross a watercourse and turn left, SW, watercourse left.
Head past a sewage works and SW, to the footbridge but don't cross.
VIA PUB: Where the pavement starts, continue west.
Turn right and cut across the playing field, diagonally, NW.
Cross the stile and head right, north, to the pub.
Continue north after the pub, then first left, west, past the village hall along Malt Office Lane.
After farm buildings, turn right, NW, hedge right, farm buildings right.
At the end of the field, turn left, SW, and cross the footbridge.
BOTH ROUTES: From the footbridge, head SW, ditch left, for nearly a mile. Ignore side paths.
Under power lines, the right of way crosses the open field, NW, then SW. The finger post is missing and so is the path.
Continue along the farm track, ditch left. The path makes several right/left kinks.
Head SW to the farm buildings, ditch still left. Ignore a footbridge left.
At the barns, turn right, NW, hedge left, along Rookery Lane, tarmac.
Head NW past the signpost for the path, missed earlier.
Cross under power lines. Just before a row of tall poplars, turn left, west, along a wide farm track to Church Farm Barn.
Pass the church, right. Cross a track and head west along a tree-lined footpath.
At tarmac, turn left, west, and head to the village hall, a possible alternative start point.
At the village hall car park, turn left, south, along St. James' Lane.
At the right hand bend, turn left, NE, along a farm track, power lines right. Cross under the power lines.
Turn right, SE, still on the main farm track, ditch left. Continue for about 1.6 miles.
After willows and a pond, left, don't follow the main track which bends sharp left. Continue ahead, SE, on a smaller track.
Continue SE, hedge right. The track is dwindling to a grassy path.
The path dives through a long narrow strip of woodland. Ignore a path left.
Cross a footbridge. Continue roughly east, hedge right.
The path kinks left, NE, then right, east, no hedges then hedge right.
The path bends right, SE. Back on tarmac, turn right, SW.
Turn right, SE, towards Leggett Farm. Go through the farm gate.
Before a left bend, kink right and left through a hedge gap and continue SE, hedge left.
Cross a sleeper bridge into a belt of woodland. The path kinks left and right. Continue SE.
Kink left and right through the hedge gap and continue SE, hedge right. Continue SE after a sleeper bridge.
Ignore a path to the right. Back on tarmac, turn left, NE. Ignore side paths.
Head downhill. The road bends right. Take the shortcut, left, through the meadow, back to the car park.

The Wissett Plough is 250 metres SE from the car park. The Rumburgh Buck is 2 miles NW.

Photo Gallery

Saint James and Wissett is included in the Waveney Way walking guide book.

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Sunday, January 11th, 2015     Map     Enlarge

Sunday, January 11<sup>th</sup>, 2015,  Map