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Homersfield and Alburgh
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Ditchingham and Ellingham - 5.5 Miles

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Date: Monday 16th April, 2018

Time: 10:30

Meet at: Ditchingham, Green Lane (not the village hall), NR35 2RA

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OS Map: OL 40

Contact the leader:     Neil     01986 893023     07411 811093

Details: Circular

Terrain: rural

Guide Book: Bungay

Walk Number: 5

Updated: 2018

Guide Book Text

Park at Green Lane, Ditchingham next to but not in the Village Hall car park.

Head SE along Green Lane, houses right, trees left.
Bear right SW and emerge onto the old Yarmouth Road and continue SW and soon south.
Cross the A143 and turn left east. Use the cycle track parallel with the road.
Don't cross the bridge towards the church.
Follow the cycle track for 1.6 miles. It slowly bends NE.
After a water works, a wide wooden bridge and power lines, the the cycle track ends.
Turn left, NW, and cross the A143 using the traffic island half way across.
Head NW and soon west along the Old Yarmouth Road.
At a triangle, take the first right, NW, along a concrete drive (Hall Road), flint wall right.
At the bend to the right, contiune NW towards barns and silos.
Keep the barns and silos to your left and use the inconspicuous bridleway, NW.
After the last barn, the path bends left, SW.
At the t-junction turn right, NW, gently uphill towards woodland.
After the wood, head north along the tarmac.
At the first junction, cross the road and head NW across an open field towards the church.
Enter the churchyard and head west. Leave by the west gate.
Here there is quite a large car park which might be useful with the agreenment of Red House Farm Ltd.
Head south away from the church.
At the tarmac, turn left east.
After the second electricity pole, turn right, south, through a kissing gate into woodland.
Follow the track south and SE through three more kissing gates.
Back at the tarmac, turn left, NE towards Ivy House Farm.
Turn right, SE, along Willow Lane, large barns both sides.
Turn right, SW, onto the Old Yarmouth Road and cross the little stream.
After the Artichoke pub, turn right, NW, into Sun Road.
At the bus stop turn left passing the Village Hall to your left.
There is another useful car park here by agreement with the Village Hall.
Head west, fence right into the heathland.
Drop down and head west between two lakes.
Head SW across open grassy common land. Keep the lakes in view to the left.
The open grassy area narrows. Under power lines, head up the slope and head west, briefly SW and then west again.
The back of the Village Hall should now be in view.
Head west back to the car park.

The Artichoke pub a mile away has a good reputation for its food and beer.

Photo Gallery

Ditchingham and Ellingham is included in the Bungay walking guide book.

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Monday, April 16th, 2018     Map     Enlarge

Monday, April 16<sup>th</sup>, 2018,  Map