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PRamblers - Free and Friendly Walks and Play for Families with Babies and Young Children

Pramblers First Walk with Pram and Sling
Pramble at Dunwich

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Highlight Icon ‘PRambles’ are free and friendly guided walks and outdoor play for families with babies and young children.

Highlight Icon Routes have been chosen to suit reasonably robust buggies, slings or baby backpacks.

Highlight Icon If you would like more information before any of the walks, please do get in touch.

‘Prambles’ are walks are designed for families with babies and young children. The thinking behind them is that it’s good to get out into nature with children; but not always realistic to walk that far! As such, every ‘Pramble’ starts at a place where young children can play - usually a park, but sometimes a beach or a wood. From this ‘base’ there is the option to go on a guided walk of around 1-2 miles. Walks have been chosen because they are accessible for buggies - so no unexpected gates / fields of cows / fallen trees etc. We try to make sure that children can walk / toddle as much as possible to give them a sense of achievement and some exercise! This means walks take about 2 hours. We then return to our ‘base’ - where there is the option of more play and a picnic lunch.

Pramblers walks are free and there is no need to book: just turn up on the day. If you’d like more details about a particular walk then please contact Laura Myatt 07931 137805.

Please note: this year PRamblers walks are taking place from April to October, when hopefully the weather will be warm enough to realistically allow children to play outside for a couple of hours without getting cold and sad!

For more information ring Laura on 07931 137805 or email laura_ballantyne@hotmail.com or visit waveneyramblers.org.uk or find us on facebook.