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2019 - Winter Escape to Paphos Cyprus

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Please contact Neil if you are interested in a January escape to Cyprus. 01986 893 023 or nbauers@btinternet.com.

Book your own package with ATOL protection etc, or roll your own with, for example, Ryanair and Airbnb (much cheaper).

Seek accommodation in Kato Paphos, near the Harbour (livelier) or at Coral Bay (Quieter) or along the frequent 615 bus route.

Priority one - have a nice break. Priority two - walk in groups, not every day, arranged by text, facebook messaging or something similar. Cyprus does not have international roaming charges.



  • Almost the last pre-Brexit opportunity.
  • Climate like Suffolk April or early May or October,
  • Warm mid day sun on a good day.
  • 17C average maximum with warmer and cooler days.
  • Excellent bus service - EUR 1.50 flat fare.
  • Day, week and month bus passes are available.
  • 611 and 615 coastal buses run every 10 to 35 minutes.
  • Also 616 north of Coral Bay and 631 coast south east.
  • Useful 612 to the Airport and other walk start points.
  • Several mountain track walks near Coral Bay.
  • Several archaeological sites - some free to enter.
  • Many "attractions" are closed for the winter.
  • Nice coastal paths - as far as you can walk.
  • E4 Trans Europe path crosses Cyprus
  • Get the bus up and walk back down.
  • If you are self catering, the Saint Paul Pillar Tavern near the Harbour bus station is good.
  • Lots of restaurants and cafes
  • Huge King's Avenue Shopping mall.
  • Strong British influence
    • Drive on the left
    • 13 amp UK style plug sockets
    • English widely spoken
  • Two hour time zone difference.
  • Dawn and dusk are earlier than you'd expect.
  • By 14:30 it's already getting cool so get up early.
  • 4.5 hour flight.
  • There are not many footpaths - some of the walking is on lanes.
  • Many walks include residential and "villa land" zones.
  • There are one or two wet days per week or there might be a freak year.
  • The island is scruffy in places with fly-tipping, litter and unfinished building works.
  • Many "attractions", restaurants and cafes are closed for the winter.
  • The huge King's Avenue Shopping mall has killed many of the little shops.
  • Neil is no longer fit enough to do some of the walks logged seven years ago. Bus or taxi up, walk down might be OK!

Who's Booked their Trip?

  • Neil - Waveney Group.

A Possible Walk Programme

Suggested Programme starting easy and building up. Perhaps swap the order to avoid consecutive climbing walks.

  1. Coastal walk one way.
  2. Coastal walk the other way.
  3. Bus out - walk back along the coast - adjust the distance for your fitness level..
  4. Bus out the other way and walk back along the coast - adjust the distance for your fitness level.
  5. Airport bus - walk back along the coast - 6 miles. 
  6. Shorter version of the Dam Walk.
  7. Koloni and Yeroskipou - interesting rather than attractive.
  8. Akoursos walk.
  9. Longer version of the Dam Walk.
  10. Walk down from Episkopi (route 1)
  11. Walk down from Episkopi (route 2 following E4 path)
  12. Coastal walk south of the airport.

Walk Link - Click for More

Distance / km

Ascent / m

Max' Altitude / m

Coast Path - Both directions No limit - Coastal bus  Fairly Flat Fairly Flat
615 Bus Route every 10 to 30 minutes. 13.8 78 44
Towards Akoursos 8.41 - Uses the 615 bus 206 223
Akoursos 16.0 - Uses the 615 bus 576 413
Koloni and Yeroskipou 17.3 195 210
Seven Saint Georges 10.0 61 66
Episkopi to Kato Paphos 18.0 - Uses the 609 bus 500 Mostly Down 467
Paphos Suburbs and Coast 15.6 132 90
Paphos Harbour and Airport Walk 11.0 - Uses the 612 bus 99 68
Paphos Harbour and Airport Alternative 13.6 - Uses the 612 bus 110 66
Coral Bay towards Paphos 16.0 - Uses the 615 bus 171 44
Atlantica Golden Beach round the Top 24.2 - Uses the 615 bus 550 515
East of Paphos 20.0 388 362
Dam, Baths and Kisonerga 16.7 - Uses the 615 bus 391 272